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Family Portrait

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family portraitWelcome to Family Portrait!

The family portrait has inspired many artists over the years. Artists often paint portraits of their wives or husbands, children, and parents. These are the people the artist sees most and knows best.

Before you commission a family portrait from Michael Fischer and while you go through these pages, ask yourself these questions:
How will you pose your family for their picture?
Will they be sitting, standing, or playing a game?
What is a favorite activity that your family does together?
Whom will you include in the portrait (e.g., your mother, father, brother, sister, yourself, aunt, uncle, grandparents, pets, or friends)?

The Portrait History will give you an extensive overview as well as an introduction to portrait painting and drawing.

The question of a 'Good' Drawing is raised and maybe answered.

In the Gallery you will get some good examples of family portraits as well as busts and portrait drawings.

Look for as many family portraits you can find on the Web or in art history books. By looking at these portraits, you can learn what the people who posed for them wanted to convey. What do you want to convey with your family portrait? You can learn how they lived, what professions they were in and also make guesses about what kind of people they were. Think about these things when you make the photographs for your family portrait!

If you have had the opportunity to scrutinize any representation of your self, other than in a photograph, whether it be a child's scribbled likeness, a professional portrait, or a sketch of yourself in the mirror, you may know the unique appeal of portrait art and the insight and beauty that it can bring to the occupation of self-exploration.

You will have the opportunity to get your own Portrait Drawing or painting by using the Portrait Inquiry form.

Make sure to bookmark Family Portrait for future reference!

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